Prof.Dr. Z. Güzel Seydim, one of our founders, has got her BS and MS degrees in Faculty of Agriculture at Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey. She completed her second MS and Ph.D. during 1994-2001 in Clemson University, Clemson,SC, USA. Research area of Dr. Guzel-Seydim is kefir production from natural unique kefir grains; she is the distinguished scientist with significant peer-reviewed articles and international projects. She has been working in Süleyman Demirel University, Isparta, Turkey, since 2001 while she was continuing her short term scientific missions in US and EU. She has invited/attended numerous conferences, symposiums, workshops and TUBITAK and EU project panels. Our other founder Dr. T. Kök Taş is specialized in fermented dairy products. She had her Ph.D. degree on kefir microbiology; she has identified kefir grain microorganisms using advanced molecular techniques. She determined significant findings; especially presence of Bifidobacteriım bifidum in kefir grains. Our founders together had many peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals, book chapters and patents. Our founders believe that their scientific findings and experience in natural kefir production would obtain significant contribution worldwide for healthy nutrition. After a long research period, they intended to transfer their significant scientific knowledge and skills to industrial scale. “A Method for Kefir Production” and “Design for Kefir Grain Fermenter” have been patented by Turkish Patent Institute. With these unique thoughts “Danem Ltd. Company” was established in the Lakes District Technocity, Süleyman Demirel University, Isparta, Turkey “Danem” means “My Grains” in Turkish. DANEM Ltd. Co., is the first company that produces significant amounts of natural kefir grains in industrial scale worldwide. We naturally and hygienically produce kefir grains without using no preservatives/ no GMO at all for consumers who have desire to produce homemade kefir. We also provide natural kefir culture for direct use, obtained from natural probiotic containing kefir grains.

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